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Welcome to my awesome new training site for my downline in Sisel International!

I am very excited to be starting my online presence, and I hope you enjoy the first of many training articles that will be going over prospecting, marketing, and how to effectively create duplication with your team.

Welcome to your first Sisel International training session

So the first lesson is going to be all about prospecting.

It is important to note that you do not need to sell your opportunity to people.  The reason why is because people love to buy, they hate to be sold.  The last thing you want to do is seem like a sleezy sales person for your Sisel Kaffe opportunity.

Before I get into the meat and bones of the content for todays lesson, check out this awesome youtube video explaining some of the benefits you can harp on when talking to your prospects.

As you can see, the product and opportunity can and sometimes does sell itself.  But lets take it a step further so you can really drive the point home and close the deal for your Sisel business.

Here are a few lists of strategies you can use when talking to your prospects.

Sisel is your last company everAsk yes questions. It is important that you do this because the more you get your prospects saying yes to you, you are building momentum.  So when the time comes, they will be more likely to say yes when you ask them to join your Sisel International and Sisel Kaffe business.

So your next strategy could be to find out their big reason why.  Let’s say johnny wants to spend more time at home with the kids.  You say, ok Johnny, I understand you want to be able to earn some extra income so you can be home with the kids more is that correct?

Notice I made another yes question.  This will remind him of his reason why, and build that conviction and urgency to join.  Then you go in for the sale. “Ok Johnny, if I could show you how to build this business successfully, would you be open to coming aboard the team?”

And it really is that simple folks!  Come back later for another training article soon, I am very excited for you coming aboard!  If you want to access more training right now, I’d recommend you go over to Mike’s blog at five star lead pro.   He is a rockstar, and really knows his marketing.  You can learn more about Michael at his last FM account at

Until next time, keep moving forward and I know your going to do awesome in Sisel International.